SYFTER Dialyzers & Haemofilters

Description :

When Cardiomac set out to reimagine the single use, hollow-fiber dialyzer, our goal was to evolve the new SYFTER DIALYSER into a product delivering multiple, valuable advantages. Our design and engineering teams accomplished these objectives, innovating an array
of powerful, practical benefits.


More homogenous pore sizes, resulting in better clearances of uremic toxins and low molecular weight proteins like 2- microglobulin and myoglobin, with limited loss of important proteins such as albumin.

Unique ripple structure inside the dialyzer creates more homogenous flow, enhancing small molecule clearances. Ultra smooth polyurethane cut surface minimaizes risk of blood cell damage and clotting, resulting in better rinse back to patients.

Improved header shape with redesigned caps to optimize blood flow dynamics. Header caps are permanently attached, eliminating unexpected removal or reuse.


Lighter than existing dialyzers to reduce shipping and disposal costs, plus it requires fewer raw materials to produce.

Ordering Information

  • Units Per Box.
Sr.No Item Number Description Types Size Small
1 SYFDH12 SYFTER Dialyzer's and Haemoofilters Hollow Fiber Dialyzer 1.2 12 PCS
2 SYFDH14 SYFTER Dialyzer's and Haemofilters Hollow Fiber Dialyzer 1.4 12 PCS
3 SYFDH16 SYFTER Dialyzer's and Haemofilters Hollow Fiber Dialyzer 1.6 12 PCS
4 SYFDH18 SYFTER Dialyzer's and Haemofilters Hollow Fiber Dialyzer 1.8 12 PCS